Here at 12 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier, we focus on the 12 mil vapor barrier and how it’s used in the crawl space industry. There’s a wide range of 12 mil crawl space liners on the market. While we’ll never call out another brand, we will let you know which 12 mil liners we recommend to homeowners. Those are the same vapor barrier brands you’ll find on our website, the same ones we use for our crawl space repair projects.


Two of the three 12 mil vapor barriers we recommend are the DiamondBack and GuardianLiner. You can learn more about both of them below and why we recommend them. If you’re looking to buy a 12 mil crawl space vapor barrier, this would be the two we’d suggest. Check out our vapor barrier reviews below.

12 Mil DiamonBack™ Vapor Barrier12 Mil GuardianLiner™ Vapor Barrier


The SilverBack™ 12 Mil crawl space vapor barrier is one of the highest rated and highest reviewed 12 mil crawl space liners on the market. The SilverBack™ brand is one that is trusted, durable and high quality. Out of the many 12 mil liners we’ve used in the past, we recommend the SilverBack™ first. If you take the time to review it on Google, you’ll find the 12 mil and 20 mil SilverBack are the highest reviewed crawl space liners on the internet.

More Trusted 12 Mil VAPOR BARRIERS

Two other trusted crawl space vapor barriers found in the 12 mil size is the DiamondBack™ 12 Mil and the GuardianLiner™ 12 Mil. Both of these crawl space liners are American made, specifically designed for the crawl space and are reputable brands we recommend to homeowners.


Crawl Space Encapsulation, Does it Work...
Crawl space encapsulation is what we refer to as a “new-age” term, but it still represents the process of suiting your crawl space up. A lot of homeowners don’t realize the importance of their crawl space area until it’s too late. Or frankly, they just don’t care. It’s often an area less traveled, but the role of the crawl space doesn’t change. If you leave your crawl space as-is, more times than not, you’re asking for trouble.


We get asked this question all the time, “Is encapsulating my crawl space worth it?” There’s no right answer for this question, sorry. If you’re having crawl space issues, we’re going to recommend you take care of them now and not later. But again, that’s going to depend on the homeowner. The real question is this, “How much is it worth to eliminate the crawl space from having problems?”


One of the biggest concerns in your crawl space is mold. For those of you that don’t know, mold can kill. Can mold travel from the crawl space into your home? Absolutely it can and you should be aware of that. Crawl space moisture can weaken the foundation of your home, weaken the floors, joist, main beam. And if you’re having troubles such as these, the repair cost can be a lot higher than what a simple crawl space encapsulation project would have totaled.


Think about the joist of your home. If these are damaged, you could easily be looking at $3K or more to repair them. If your floor is rotten out, you can expect a few more thousand. If you have to treat for mold and termites, you could be looking at a few more thousand. I’ve seen it a lot. A homeowner ignores minor issues and after time passes, the unsolved problem gets worse. Eventually, you have no other choice but to fix the problem or move.For any homeowner that doesn’t have the money to hire a crawl space contractor, we’d recommend going to CrawlSpaceRepair.com for DIY crawl space supplies, guides and video. They provide some great resources on crawl space repair and all of their crawl space encapsulation supplies are high quality and affordable.


In the crawl space industry, crawl space insulation is always a big topic.
Basically, there’s only two ways to insulate a crawl space but only one of them is the proper way. The proper way we will discuss first.


The new way to insulate a crawl space is ensuring you insulate the outside and the inside of the home rather than just insulating the crawl space. Makes sense, right? If you stop the outside air from coming in and the inside air from escaping, you have a strong seal in place.

Installing your crawl space insulation on the foundation walls will give you the best results for your investment.

With that being said, we do want to make a recommendation. We suggest that you use extruded rigid polystyrene insulation over spray foam polyurethane insulation. The main reason we suggest rigid foam over spray foam is because of the amount of moisture the insulation will absorb. Rigid foam absorbs less moisture than spray foam does. This simply means you’ll see a better result from doing so and it will last longer.


Now, we’ll discuss the other way to insulate your crawl space. Truth be told, this technique is more of a preventative than anything. If you’re air-conditioning your home and you want to keep the cool air inside you won’t open all your windows. The same is true in the opposite, if you’re heating your home you don’t open the windows and let the cold air in.


When it comes to insulating a crawl space or preventing your crawl space from getting colder than you want the most effective way, even more than crawl space insulation, is to prevent the cold air from entering the crawl space. It is becoming well known and well excepted that the crawl space foundation vents cost far more harm than they were ever meant to prevent. Closing the event is simply not enough. The vent must be sealed in order to prevent the outside cold air from entering the crawl space.

In fact, the best place to insulate in a crawl space is the foundation vents.


Properly insulating a crawl space and properly handling the foundation vents is critical to saving hundreds of dollars a year in heating costs. Choosing the proper insulation will give you years of effective service. Correcting the problem with the foundation vents however, carries a much larger commitment. Your choices are: to seal your foundation vents before the winter every year and undo that work every spring or you seal the entire crawl space, permanently close the foundation vents, condition the crawl space and treated it as part of the house. It’s your house and you always have final say, but the facts are in and a conditioned crawl space is far more efficient than one that is not. via http://crawlspacerepair.com/blog/crawl-space-insulation/


What do I need?

There’s a lot more you need other than a high quality 12 mil crawl space vapor barrier. There’s a lot of different crawl space encapsulation supplies you’ll need to complete your projects. Here at 12 mil, we have several crawl space guides to help you get your crawl space fixed. Use the search bar to browse encapsulated crawl space supplies.



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Buy Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Direct
For any of you that are needing a premium quality dehumidifier for your crawl space, we would recommend checking out Crawl Space Vapor Barrier dot net. They have a wide selection of dehumidifiers available and a wide range of crawl space encapsulation material you’ll need for crawl space projects.