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When it comes to the top 12 mil crawl space vapor barriers on the market, there’s only a handful of them that among the leaders.

Every crawl space vapor barrier is not created equal. Cheaper is not always better and if you’re in the market for a crawl space vapor barrier, you better be aware of what you’re buying.

That’s why we took the liberty of creating this website because there’s some bad products out there and a lot of angry homeowners.

Now that we have your attention (Kindly), today we’re discussing the 12 mil SilverBack crawl space vapor barrier.

How does the 12 mil SilverBack compare to other crawl space brands on the market?

Watch this video from CrawlSpace Concepts that prove the differences right before your eyes.

Wow, right?

This is exactly why we warn contractors and homeowners to be careful when they’re buying crawl space vapor barriers.

What would we recommend?

I’d buy a SilverBack vapor barrier.

The SilverBack crawl space liner comes in 2 different sizes, a 12 mil and a 20 mil.

Did you know that the SilverBack crawl space liners are the highest reviewed in the world? It’s true. You can look it up on Google yourself.

Both the 12 mil SilverBack and 20 mil Silverback have 100+ certified reviews on the top 2-3 websites they’re on.

No other crawl space vapor barrier comes close (although they will pretend they’re the best)

Look, everyone can claim what they want and they will.

There’s a reason why the SilverBack crawl space vapor brand is the highest reviewed on the market. That should give you a clear picture which is the best.